“Renascence; The revival of something that has been dormant.”


Now more than ever, it is an appropriate that description of who I am. I have reached the end of my corporate career, now I find my passion is my art. I had not been actively focusing on making and selling my art in the past, using the occasional sales to fund materials. I was spending time in my studio when everything else done. With everything I do, I pour my heart and soul into every endeavor. Life has flipped flopped, I’m in the studio first, then trying to find time for everything else.

I have revived my artist spirit.

I am excited to get into projects and ideas abound. I have collected a wide variety of materials over the years and now it’s time to let them loose. When asked what kind of art I make, my answer is art. When I come across a unique piece of driftwood, it may be a starting point for a furniture, a subject for a painting or I may carve it into a sculpture. Everyday life presents so many opportunities to inspire new art. I pick up inspiring materials whenever I can, sometimes it is the missing piece to an existing concept, and some time it is the beginning of a new project. The inspiration (and materials) may be with me for many years before I can see the finished piece in my mind’s eye, then I can begin.


I and very comfortable with a wide variety of mediums. In my sculpture portfolio, you will find works in Wood, Stone and Metal. When making flat art, I work in Ink and Watercolor. While some may find it strange to include furniture in an art portfolio, I consider them functional sculptures.


I am deeply influenced by nature and wildlife and birds are a favorite subject. Living in the Adirondacks just adds fuel to my inspiration. I enjoy time on the water, in the woods or just watching nature from my deck, always observing.


I believe that art is supposed to be fun to make and a pleasure for the ones who interact with it. Purchasing art is not about the person that makes it, it’s about how you now have something that you can now share it with the people in your life.  Art that puts a smile on the face of you and those around you is priceless. I cherish the wide variety of art in my home, each piece touches me or my wife in some unique way.

Art should warm the heart, that is the reason to own art, and that is the reason I make art.